ARIANTISS Retrofitting and Construction Company has been established in 2001 in order to study earthquakes and its effects on building structures.
ARIANTISS main aims are studying new methods of earthquake collation and how to behave building against earthquake, therefore, to present a final strengthening design for vulnerable constructions.
In wider range, management and controlling of crisis caused by earthquake is another longer term plan of our Company. By regarding this, resolving different surveys and research about general retrofitting methods by skilled experienced people, we have been presenting various proper techniques to decrease the amount of vital and financial losses.
After devastating earthquake of Bam in 2004, and massive inflictions in construction and buildings, we began a large-scale study through collapsed and debris of building, elemental constructions and traditional structures.
As a result, an idea of making a completely Safe and Secure Cell within house came up, which in turn result in a designing of SAFE ROOM in a part of residential unit in order to provide more protection.
The mentioned idea has published in many magazines such as New Towns Construction Company, which is a subsection of Ministry of Road and Urban development in winter 2004 and Iran Newspaper in the following year.
This idea will likely reduce the total amount of numerous losses due to earthquake. So, in a case it of being supported by different related organizations and agencies, and being implemented in those areas that are vulnerable towards seismic conditions, we will surely not encounter any losses caused by possible horrible quakes.
Through studying and searching the latest methods in our Crisis Management department, we have come across the idea of making different damaged regions wise, which will ensure to properly discern the amount of damages, prompt relief and rescue procedures.
In this wise way, some seismograph stations will be built and conducted by skilled operators in different metropolitans subject to risk such as Tehran, and data will be received from satellite, therefore, we will be able to monitor, immediately, a wise map including occurred overall damages, and to categorize different areas according to dispersal of losses in order to prioritize of relief and rescue activities.
By processing the collected information in advance, following issues will obtain:

1)    The population density of town2)    The degree of the construction exhaustion3)    The degree of different zones evanescence regarding major faults caused earthquake

The total amount of various types of losses and rescued alive people remained in debris will be reduced due to this method.
ARIANTISS has also accomplished some surveys in relation with how to resist crucial arteries of country such as main lines of gas transportation, which will be published in near future. Even now, we are implementing a number of investigations about the effects and behavior of 3D polystyrene panels in retrofitting issue and their function on buildings’ strengthening.
Being parallel with those mentioned activities above; we are now implementing different retrofitting projects throughout country. We also have close scientifically and technically cooperation with special publications related to construction and retrofitting activities like Reconstruction & strengthening magazine, Concrete Institute of Iran and Engineering Department of Iran.

Our managers do hope that they- as an effective member in country- will be able to present new and modern solutions in buildings’ strengthening, retrofitting and crisis management.

We have achieved the following certificates so far:

  1. Certification of work qualification by Iranian President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control
  2. Quality management certification ISO9001 by TUV- Inter- Cert Italy
  3. Work safety and security management standard certification (HSE) by Inter- Cert Italy

Some of our services are listed below:

  1. Structural Engineering including: designing, building retrofitting , seismic strengthening of different types of structure
  2. Usage of the most appropriate method in retrofitting design : steel and concrete strengthening construction(steel jacket & concrete jacket)
  3. Usage of CFRP and GFRP sheets & laminate for strengthening Beams and Columns.
  4. Designing and implanting of Bolt in Base Plate
  5. implanting of Rebar and Bolts (Anchoring System)
  6. Laboratory activities and provision of retrofitting such as:
o   Rebar scan through special device Profometer5+o   Concrete Non Destructive Testing (NDT) through ultrasonic device and Schmitt hammer.o   Pull Off testing for traction of implanted rebar in concrete
o   Designing of different types of concrete and steel structures

o   Seismic vulnerability of urban facilities’ surveys.